Friday, August 25, 2006

Munchy, of Crunchy Bunches.

Crunchy Bunches is a cereal for kids, which is the best kind of cereal, because they have mascots. Munchy's goal in life is to be the mascot of Crunchy Bunches, and he does it quite well indeed. He's always on the hunt for the best new flavors for his cereal bits, or marshmallow shapes or frosting colors to make his cereal the best ever. Sometimes his plans get interrupted by The Growlies, who only want hunger and famine to prevail at the breakfast table, but Munchy always gets the best of them thanks to the ultimate power of Crunchy Bunches brand breakfast cereal.

I've been working on a re-design of this character from his first appearance in these comics.


PaulSketch said...

these are really cute! And I LOVE cereal! gotta get my bowl a day :D
are you going to submit these designs to the company?? you should!

Dustin said...

This guy begs to be animated. Makes me want cereal. In fact, I'm going to go have a bowl right now.

MickFred said...

goody goody good stuff all over here.
Thanks etc and all that

justinpatrickparpan said...

I love this design!

Gerald said...

Awesome character! Some really nice emotions and gestures. I noticed you're a game artist in Wa. I've got a couple classmates working at Amaze right now. Very cool.

fellipe said...

haha, man those rock! makes me whant to grab some cereal right now. i always liked those fun games and little stories surrouding the cereal characters.

and i liked those comics too! fun stuff!

*thumbs up*

Chingyi said...

cute stuff! design and colors work really well together!

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