Sunday, September 24, 2006


I missed International Talk Like A Pirate Day with these, but here are some pirate sketches anyway.


Eli Heuer said...

Hey Scott, the pirate at the way bottom of the page is rad. But what’s with all these holidays I don’t know about?

Ken Chandler said...

Cool pirate designs. Nice sketches. I love all the shapes!

fellipe said...

hahaaha, great. i remember the pirate day, drinking my ass off. yar, cheers mate!

Stephanie said...

Cute sketches! Any new ones lately?

Josh G said...

Hello Scott. I was looking for a Contact page (or email) but couldn't find one. My name is Josh and I'd like to get your permission to use this sketch for a sample of art styles we are looking for, for our board game. It's a print-and-play RPG style board game that's been in development for nearly three years now. I'd be glad to connect and discuss further.

Here is a link to the page it would appear on, to give you an idea of what we have in mind for the image. See middle of page.

So as to avoid getting picked up by the spam bots I won't leave an email address (here), but can be reached via the Contact page at the website.

One other image we like is the Sandwich Monster from your 'As a matter of fact' post.

Hope to hear from you.