Saturday, May 06, 2006

Stuff I've Done Part 1

My first animation job was at a very small and new company called Moral Productions. Their first project was a CG movie on DVD called “Agents of the Spirit: The Phantom Influence.” It was in much the same vein as “Veggie Tales,” and featured a crack team of highly trained secret agent fruits. They would fight evil-minded bugs to protect kids from doing bad things. It sounds pretty weird, and it was, but it was also pretty funny and action packed sometimes.
Moral was just starting out, and didn’t have a lot of experience or resources. There were eight employees and four computers, meaning I and three others worked the night shift. Most people there were straight out of school like me, so the whole project was something of an extended learning experience. As such, the film’s art was never anything to write home about, though it did have it’s moments. Unfortunately, Moral has since closed down, but I’m sure our team could’ve made the sequel ten times better from what we learned on the first one.

We originally planned to put extra content on the DVD, one of those features being redesigns of the characters by each artist. Here are my versions of the Agents:

Moral’s website for Agents of the Spirit isn’t around anymore, but in looking it up I found it listed on Of course, this means I’ve made it big since only famous people get their own imdb page.


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