Monday, April 17, 2006

Monsterland Sketches

Here's some sketches for my comic, Monsterland:

I think this was the best costume for Tracy. I always tried to have her wear different clothes in each comic, since it's such a cliche that cartoon characters always wear the same thing every day.

I tried to design Timber so that he could be drawn with varying levels of detail. Sometimes I would try to challenge myself by drawing him as realistically as I could do, other times I would get more creative with a simplified version.

Here's a more simplified version.

At one point, I wanted to do a story where Timber got wings. One of the inspirations for Monsterland, as a world, was Super Mario World. The funny, weird, magic, cartoony world in that game was the kind of way I wanted Monsterland to feel. I always thought it was cool when Yoshi got wings, so I wanted to see what would happen if Timber got them too.

The Phantom King was the rarely seen bad guy in Monsterland. He believed that monsters weren't scary any more and humans didn't fear them. Fear meant respect, so he was out to change all that. Tracy's ability to travel between the human world and Monsterland with her amulet was his key to bringing fear back to the human world once again.


suze said...

I love it!! I am totally of envious of your talents. Keep it up. I write- you draw and we'll have a beautiful relationship!!

eleKtrofly said...

wow! man, you're really talented.

is this work going to be published?

Scott Warren said...

Thanks. It may or may not be published. Probably only on a small scale if it is.

fellipe said...

hey scott!

I loved those, specially the sketches of your pooch character (i can picture him on some sunday news comic page).

I work with editorial illustration, here is my blog:



katzdontbark said...

nice blogspot...keep going...